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Our Self Scheduling Round Robin Tournament
Summer TourStarts:July 12
Ends:September 6

Our format is a little different for our Summer Tour this year:
* Scoring is best 2 of 3 no add sets, or total games won when court time is up. For example, if you get bumped at Player A: 6-4, 1-4, the match goes to Player B, 8 games to 7. A 10 pt. super tie-breaker should be substituted for 3rd set unless both players consent to play out the 3rd set.
* Also, we need to adhere to County Guidelines and USTA Recommendations for safe play … USTA Tips & Recommendations.

The Tour is a self scheduling round robin tournament.
There are 4 Tours held each year ... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
Players have 8 weeks to complete approximately 8 matches.
You play each player or team within your group once.
A draw sheet with contact info is provided and players are responsible for arranging matches.
Draws will be grouped by rating or estimate.
All divisions available from 3.0 & under to 4.5.
There will be playoffs held within divisions for group winners.
Prizes will be awarded. Fee: $30.

You can report scores to bpt@boyleparktennis.com

Tour Results

Spring Tour ...

Molly1StacyMark C2
TracyCynthia2Mark S
Current Champs

3.0 ... Leslie Dixon
3.5 ... Norbert Balogh
4.0 ... Brad Rodrigues
4.5 ... Rob Adams

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(415) 388 - 6523