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Our Self Scheduling Round Robin Tournament
Summer BPT TourStarts:July 7th
Ends:September 1st
Signup Deadline:June 30th

The Tour is back!

Join the Boyle Park Tennis Round Robin Tour for some friendly competition with the Boyle Park community and beyond!
Schedule matches at your own convenience.
All levels are welcome.
Dealine to enroll is June 30th.

How it Works
The BPT Tour is a self scheduling round robin adult tournament.
There are 4 Tours held each year ... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
Players have 8 weeks to complete approximately 8 matches. You play each player within your group once.
A draw sheet with contact info will be provided and players are responsible for arranging matches.
Draws will be grouped by rating (or estimate). All levels are available ranging from 3.0 & under to 4.5. (You can find a guide for determining your level here)
Men's and Women's division may be grouped together.
Matches will follow general Boyle Park court use rules.
There will be playoffs among division winners and prizes will be awarded!
Tournament Fee: $50.00

Scoring is best 2 of 3 sets.
A 10 point super tie-breaker should be substituted for 3rd set unless both players consent to play out the 3rd set.
Winner of each match must report scores below.

Please send any questions you may have to bpt@boyleparktennis.com


*Make sure to submit the enrollment form and send the fee via the Venmo, PayPal, or Square link located below in order to complete the registration process.

After submitting your enrollment form, use one of the following payment methods…
Fee: $50.00
  • Send through Square (all major credit cards, Apple pay & Google pay).
  • Send through Venmo to 'ChrisReiff-BoyleParkTennis.'
  • Send through Paypal to 'Boyle Park Tennis'.

Enrollment Form

*Men's and Women's divisions are usually combined.

*If you are unsure about your level of play, give us a call at (415) 388-6523.

*You will not be signed up until the registration fee is received.

Thank you! After submitting the enrollment form and payment you are all set! An email will be sent to you with roster names and corresponding contact information so that you can start scheduling matches!

Submit Your Scores Here!

Scores Submission Form

Tour Results

Summer Tour

Melissa Roman-Ross Lamont-Les Kruger2Corey Saft1
Stacy Kibrick1Bill Getty-Steve Sockolov-Didier Clapaud-
Mimi Nguyen-Lael Sturm-Kenny Cahill-Vincent Lam-
Melissa Shirley-Kate Richter1Josh Ephraim1Elie Sasson-
Kat Taylor-Micha Berman1Bill Graham-
Kate Judson-Steve Fisher1Andreas Neumeier-
Jordan Salberg-Brad Lipetz2Christian Hilbert-
Stephen Minus-Justin Derham-
Sebastian Munro-
Spring Playoff Players

3.0 ... Shane Steele & Kat Taylor
3.5 ... Kate Richter & Karolina Gachowska
4.0 ... William Tomkiewicz, Fernando Tomas & Vincent Lam
4.5 ... Andrew Dekkinga, Christian Hilbert, Gabriel Kram & Coulter Mulligan

Current Champs

3.0Johanna CalabriaKat Taylor-Dawid Bedkowski
3.5Andrew Whiteside--Kevin Back
4.0Ben CrosswellVincent Lam-Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
4.5Carlos Gonzalez de VillaumbrosiaGabriel Kram-Elie Sasson & Amit Rajparia

11 East Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 388 - 6523